Friday, February 26, 2010

Me v. Moby: The Prologue

I like curling. It makes me feel like I could be an Olympian.

It’s Friday. Welcome to the melange.

The Guardian has given a name for a syndrome from which many suffer — obsessive conclusive syndrome. OCS is the need to complete a book or series regardless of its quality. You may have OCS if you read The Silmarillion or continued watching X-Files after Mulder left the show.

I suffered from OCS for years; but after I finished four Dune books (and enjoyed one,) I made my peace with abandoning a book. In fact, I’ve quit some books more than once. (Yes, I’m talking about Moby Dick.)

The Twitter novel is gaining momentum in Japan. I didn’t mind following Rick Moody’s experiment on Twitter, but I can’t imagine reading 70 pages worth of material via Twitter. Then again, if it works for these authors, more power to them.

Next, six global publishers have sued Rapidshare for disseminating their copyrighted material. Even if they win this lawsuit, they don’t win the war. There will always be a Rapidshare or Napster available. The name may change, but the bootlegging won’t. These publishers have every right to sue, but the most effective way to combat piracy is to make sure there are legal options available.

Finally, I have a big announcement. I alluded to my inability to finish Moby Dick before. Starting Sunday, I will be liveblogging my battle with the white whale. It may take two or three days, but I will finish Moby Dick!

Me! Moby! Captain Ahab! That one guy with the tattoos!

This is happening!

And it starts Sunday!

-Jason Lea,

P.S. More exclamation points!!!!!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

When you are finished, come over to and get your Certificate of Completion! You can reach it through a link at the bottom of the epilogue page. Good luck!

February 26, 2010 at 3:40 PM 

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