Thursday, April 22, 2010

Less than Everybody Loves Apple

I guess my Everybody Loves Apple tag was too hasty.

Princeton University has blocked some iPads, because it causes DHCP client malfunctions. Personally, I have no idea what that means; but TechNewsDaily says that the tablet creates interference with the way other devices connect to the university’s wireless network.

(The headline to the story is “Universities Ban iPads,” but the only ban mentioned is the one in Princeton. Consequently, I am unsure if other universities are taking similar measures.)

Princeton isn’t alone in its iPad woes. The country of Israel has banned the device but for different reasons.

The U.S. allows things to broadcast at higher power levels than Europe or Israel. The iPad’s stronger signal interferes with other devices’ wireless connections, so Israel has banned their use.

European countries, while similarly afflicted, have not tried to ban the iPad.

So, if you’re going to Jerusalem, bring a Kindle. Or a Nook. Or a book.

And now for something completely different — McSweeney’s (via Salon) presents Seven Unproduced Screenplays by Famous Intellectuals. (I mourn the loss of the Aldous Huxley-Walt Disney Alice in Wonderland.)

Continuing the “seven” and “lost to all time” themes, Cracked presents Seven Books We Lost to History That Would Have Changed the World.

The Cracked article may be unsafe for work depending upon your work’s standards. There is partial nudity and lots of unnecessary profanity.

-Jason Lea,



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