Thursday, September 23, 2010

Location, location, location

We blather on and on about what we like to read and why, who we should be reading and why, who you should be reading and why ... you get the drift.
But we seldom talk about where we read.
Sometimes it really is all about location, location, location.
I read in a lot of places. At the risk of proving myself an old woman (not that anyone was in need of further proof!) in situations where my children and most of my co-workers will whip out the ear buds, I am more inclined to find a book or magazine or newspaper to flip through.
As a side note: Why do so many air travelers and gym goers understand that ear buds are a "do not disturb" sign, but believe people reading will not mind if you strike up a conversation?
In any case, while I certainly can read anywhere, I do have my preferences.
I'll narrow it down to a top 4. (I know, five would have been so much better.)

No. 4: In the car. Nothing makes a long car ride fly by better than a good book. It's still family lore that on our trip to Yellowstone National Park, I read "Little Women" over and over again. I have since learned to pack more books when traveling long distances.

No. 3: At the beach. A cool drink, a beach chair and the sound of the water make for a great backdrop. Only danger here is losing track of time.

No. 2: In bed. While many folks I know find this puts them to sleep, I am the opposite. My exhaustion seems to fade when I snuggle in with a good read.

No. 1: And the No. 1 location ... the ultimate "do not disturb" spot:

Where's your favorite spot?

- Tricia Ambrose


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are the first woman in history who has admitted to reading while in the john. I thought that was an exclusive men's club!

September 23, 2010 at 11:20 AM 

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