Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Parents aren't always who you think

I was a little hesitant to pick up the next book in my stack. After being so wowed by my last read, I was feeling sorry for Georgia Bockoven's "The Year That Changed Everything."
I needn't have worried.
There's plenty of room for all sorts of novels to be entertaining on all sorts of levels.

Bockoven introduces us to four women, sisters who never knew the others existed. Only two of them had even the sketchiest of relationships with the dying man who fathered them. A twist of fate has them in each other's lives and learning about this man for at least a year.
She's treading familiar ground, but doing it well. These characters are fully developed. We meet complicated people who make complicated choices that have complicated consequences. (Just like real life!)
Each of the sisters struggles with her new-found relationships with these three strangers as well as making sense of the man they thought they knew.
 "She was almost fifty, and somewhere in her mind she was still his little girl, abandoned thirty-five years ago and abandoned all over again today.
"... All these years she'd harbored a secret fantasy that he'd been kidnapped or imprisoned or lost on a desert island. She'd created a hundred reasons he'd never come to see her or called or answered her letters. The one time  he'd tried, years too late, she'd almost been as angry that he'd destroyed her fantasy that he couldn't come to her as she had that he'd stayed away so long.
"And now she knew the truth. He'd replaced her."
It will leave you asking yourself, How well do I really know my parents?

Happy reading!

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