Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Books & Cooks! returns to Madison library

I was compiling the events list from our online calendar for publication in Sunday's print edition, and just had to share this upcoming event with my fellow book lovers:

Books & Cooks!
6 to 8 p.m. Monday, April 15, at Madison Public Library, 6111 Middle Ridge Road
Meet local authors and sample goodies from local restaurants, caterers and cooks at Madison Library’s Books & Cooks! event. This is the ninth year for Books & Cooks! and every year there is something new. Patrons always enjoy talking to the authors, learning of their inspiration, joy, trials, and tales of writing and publishing their works and some even purchase a signed copy of the books. And the goodies made by local “cooks” are always delicious.
New to Books & Cooks! this year are Deanna Adams, author of “Rock ‘n’ Roll and the Cleveland Connection,” “Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Roots,” and “Confessions of a Not-So-Good Catholic Girl,” and Kathleen Fuller author of “An Honest Love,” “Faithful to Laura” and over 25 other books. Bob Grau, author of “Five Million Steps on a Journey of Hope: Thru-Hiking the Appalachian Trail” will be there; Tabitha Hoover will bring, “A Visual Pursuit of Hope,” her book full of beautiful photography and spiritual scriptures, and Aileen Stewart will have her book, “Fern Valley-A Collection of Short Stories.” Also new this year is Christina Wilkinson, author of “Images of America Willoughby.”
Many authors had such a good time at past events they are returning to Books & Cooks! again this year. Mildred Dennis has a new book, “Less Than an Eagle – More Than a Duck”; Gene Gaster, author of “Finders Keepers,” is working on a sequel, “Losers Weepers”; Harold George will have his Civil War books; and Barbara Hacha, author of “Line by Line,” will also return. The sole survivor of the shipwrecked Daniel J. Morrell, Dennis Hale, will be back as will Richard Ondo, author of several books including “Terror by Invasion” and “The Lore of Lake Erie.” Annette Sheldon, author of “Big Sister Now” and “Big Brother Now,” Mary Sokol, author of inspirational fiction and scriptural meditation books, Tom Swope, author of “LEGACIES: Stories from the Second World War,” and Mary Lu Warstler, author of “Sing Me to Sleep,” “Escape from Richmond,” “Father Snoop & Holy Smoke” and the popular Laura Kenzel mysteries will also return. The Madison Historical Society will have their books on Madison, too.
Several cooks are coming this year too. Cebar’s Restaurant and Marydee will be bringing a selection of delicious desserts. Jan Etc. (Extremely Tasty Cookies) will bring some of those extremely tasty cookies, and Sassy Beth’s Cupcakes will offer some fantastic cupcakes.
Don’t miss this free, family-friendly event.
Info: 440-428-2189

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