Thursday, January 2, 2014

Burton author signing books in Chardon

Burton author Karen Harden will be signing copies of her book in Chardon next week. Details from a news release:
Author Karen Harden Book Signing EventWHEN: 2014-01-11TIME: 1 pm – 3 pmWHERE: Beans, 121 Main St, Chardon, OH
WHAT: Harden, a resident of Burton, OH, will be available to sign copies of her book, Been There, Survived That.Imagine that feelings and emotions were there but never expressed. Words to some are just words, but to many they hold so much meaning. Many believe that words can never hurt us, but in truth they can. Words can also express such joy that we sometimes can't help but to express ourselves.
Who would we be without these feelings and emotions, and why is it so important to have them? We've had emotions since day one, but they show as we grow. To grow means that these feelings and emotions have made us who we are. Life isn't easy, but it does make us who we are.
In ways that are sometimes hard to express, Karen Harden wants to share with you that life has its many ups and downs, but we are able to bounce back and move forward. She hopes that this book can, in some way, help you in some form or other.

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