Friday, June 19, 2009

News-Herald Haiku

On Fridays, the blog
submits to the randomness —
Call it “the melange”

My coworkers have graciously submitted haiku for the blog. Fortunately, for both my readers, they are better writers than I.

Sandra Klepach
Wild cherry blossoms
Pastures, China, D.C., Suave
Rub them in my hair

John Bertosa (who you may recall as my nemesis)
Pennant race is on,
ball lands deep into the night --
There’s always next year

Michael Butz
I’m riding alone
On a bicycle for two
Hands off handlebars

Brandon Baker
MCing and DJing
Form the tenets of Hip-Hop
Beats, art, “Future Shock”

Tricia Ambrose
Economic mess
Houses, autos, banks, oh my
Will it ever end?

Jamie Ward (who has clearly been reading Nietzsche)
Man’s will to power
stolen by the lamb, self-worth
is gone, suffer more

One last awful haiku from Jason Lea
Rain drizzles on roof —
I want to splash in puddles
but I have to work

Two last links, then I release you to the weekend. First, the judge has temporarily barred the publication of “Coming Through the Rye” in the U.S.

Second, J.K. Rowling is being accused of plagiarism. This isn’t surprising. A person can only make so much money before someone sues.

—Jason Lea,

P.S. Willy the Wizard? Really?

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