Thursday, July 9, 2009

Amazon bows to my will

Two thoughts, and I’ll be succinct.

Amazon has lowered the price of a Kindle to $299 the same day I blogged about its bloated price.

This can mean only one of two things:

1. I took too long to write about the subject, and it was no longer relevant.

2. My words single-handedly forced Amazon to drop the price.

Those who know me need not guess which conclusion I have drawn.

That’s right. I have the power. (My second wish: a sequel to The Dark Crystal.)

My second thought is in regards to Tricia’s belated post on “Angels and Demons.”

A lot of publishers’ media departments’ like to call their new book thrillers. It’s a wastebasket taxon. Any book that has a chase scene or a gun fired must be a thriller.

Too bad so few of them thrill.

That having been said, Dan Brown’s novels are legitimate thrillers. They have an intelligence and excitement you don’t get from, say, James Patterson. I’m looking forward to September 15 and The Lost Symbol (even if The Solomon Key is a much cooler name.)

Jason Lea,

P.S. Dan Brown wrote a book called 187 Men to Avoid: A Survival Guide for the Romantically Frustrated Woman under the pseudonym Danielle Brown.

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