Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Get to know this 'Family'

"Good Family" by Terry Morrow (ISBN 9780060737948) is a glimpse into the lives of the Addison family.

They've gathered at the family homestead for their mother and aunt's last days. Old hurts are dredged up as each comes to terms with events of their past.

At the heart of Morrow's tale is Maddie, back after 11 years.

Morrow unfolds Maddie's story skillfully, revealing elements of her childhood and marriage piece by piece, building our empathy.

Why had she stayed away? What happened to her marriage? her daughter? Why is this family so disjointed?

Morrow lets us in, deftly combining events of the present with those of the past.

And at the heart of this family there is the house. Built by the family business, it almost is the Addisons.

"It strikes me again how much time is spent at Sand Isle discussing people and their plans - not only those of our family, but the arrivals and departures, the ramifications and nuances of our friends' and neighbors' lives," Maddie muses.

And we with her.

- Tricia Ambrose

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