Monday, June 28, 2010

My son's love of the Buckeyes

As a diehard Buckeyes fan, I have to admit I'm more than thrilled by my 19-month-old son Samson's favorite book of late.

It's Triumph Book's "For the Love of the Buckeyes: An A-to-Z primer for Buckeyes Fans of All Ages." The book, written by Frederick C. Klein, isn't exactly ready made for a baby boy yet to turn 2, which only adds to my glee.

There's in-depth information for each individual, event or venue mentioned, even going as far as describing why Woody Hayes was fired in the late 1970s. In case you haven't heard, he punched an opposing player during a bowl game. Samson doesn't need to know that - at least not yet.

The book is 48 pages with wonderful artwork of some of Ohio State's greatest players and coaches. The obvious letters of note are E (for Eddie George), G (for Archie Griffin), L (for linebakers), T (for Jim Tressel) and W (for Woody Hayes), to name a few.

With each letter is an accompanying rhyme, which is right up Samson's alley.

His favorite: "G" is for Griffin, that's Archie, first-name. Two Heisman Trophies cemented his fame.

Samson is fascinated by the artwork of Griffin and it's warranted. Illustrator Mark Anderson is a talented artist. The book isn't too bad either. Just ask Samson.

- Mark Podolski


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