Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Interested in genealogy research?

If you're one who goes to the library to learn about your family history, you might be interested in genealogy workshops and seminars sponsored by Ohio Historical Society Archives/Library (OHS), the Franklin County Genealogical and Historical Society (FCGHS) and the Columbus Metropolitan Library. Find the list of next year's workshops here on the Ohio Historical Society's Collections Blog. The programs are $35 or less (some are free!), and all take place at the Historical Society or Columbus Metropolitan Library.

The Columbus Metropolitan Library is a great resource for those interested in genealogical resource. I was introduced to some of the materials in their collection during a workshop I took through Kent State's School of Library and Information Science while earning my master's degree. I haven't had the same exposure at the Historical Society, but I can only imagine the fantastic collections within their walls.

Genealogy can be a difficult but incredibly rewarding field to get into. If you are looking to jump start your family history research, these programs would be an excellent place to begin.

-- Cheryl Sadler

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