Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's all about choices

Who hasn't from time to time wondered how life would have turned out if they had made a different choice? not had that chance meeting? taken that road less traveled?
Ask Wes Moore.
"The Other Wes Moore" delivers a chilling account of just what kind of difference our choices can make.
Author Moore is a Rhodes Scholar, military veteran and businessman. The other Wes Moore is in prison for the rest of his life. Both grew up without fathers in the housing projects of Baltimore. Both found themselves on the wrong side of the law as juveniles.
Why the difference?
Moore conducted hours and hours of interviews with the other Wes Moore and with family members to try to answer that question.
It is incredible to read about the long-lasting effects the actions of our youth can have. Imagine your own younger years, what if you had done this instead of that? Where might you be today?
But our actions don't just affect our own lives. The choice to give someone a second chance or to take the time to mentor another have ripple effects as well.
Author Moore is living proof.
Listen to the author share some of his story here. And read more of the movement it sparked to help youth live up to their potential at

-Tricia Ambrose



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