Friday, June 3, 2011

More lists of summer reading

Seems everyone is making summer reading lists these days.
For actual beach reading I favor the true escapism. Give me some good chick lit and a beach chair and I'm set.
In fact, when we make our annual summer trek to Half Price Books in preparation for vacation that's what I'll be looking for. A paperback or three whose jacket touts a tale of women who've been friends since college or a woman in transition or a romance set against the backdrop of high fashion. No reality necessary.
But not all summer reading is done at the beach.
My list for our last LitSoup post was a mixed bag.
Now along comes another list to put on my list.
This one is of great business reads for summer.

I'm most intrigued by "Delivering Happiness" by founder Tony Hsieh.
Anything pique your interest?
- Tricia Ambrose


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