Thursday, May 16, 2013

Geauga County Public Library introducing new catalog

Information from a Geauga County Public Library news release: 

Patrons will be able to create their own PINs in new catalog
Current PINs will not transfer to new system; patrons may easily set their own
Geauga County Public Library is introducing Encore, a new, enhanced catalog, to patrons May 22. The new system offers upgraded functionality, including the ability for patrons with active library cards to establish their own PINs (Personal Identification Numbers) the first time they log into the new system. Current PINs will not automatically transfer.

In the current catalog environment, patrons had been required to rely on library staff to set their PINs. The new system, however, empowers patrons to set their own, which saves time and provides the immediate ability to place holds in catalog collection.

Setting a new PIN is simple. When the new catalog system is live on May 22, patrons will be able to log into the new Encore catalog and will be prompted to create a PIN by entering a combination of at least four letters and/or numbers. They should record it for safekeeping, and use it whenever they want to access their library account.

Additionally, patron-built lists will not automatically migrate to the new environment. Users will need to access their current accounts and print any lists they have built. Any suspended holds will become automatically active in the new system.

Instructions for establishing PINs, printing lists and viewing suspended holds are available at



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