Thursday, March 6, 2014

Peninsula author signing books in Hudson

Author Susan Ellison will be signing copies of her book March 15 in Hudson. More information from a news release:

WHEN: 2014-03-15TIME: 1-3 pmWHERE: Learned Owl Book Shop, 204 N Main St, Hudson, OH
WHAT: Ellison Busch. a resident of Peninsula, OH, will be available to sign copies of her book, Yearning for Normal.I phoned for an ambulance. As I called, Mike paced back and forth in the kitchen saying, 'Just drive me. I'll be okay.' He told me that he had been cooking meatballs and his shirt caught on fire.  While waiting for the ambulance,
I got him some pants for modesty, covering his burnt waist and buttocks.
I remembered a little from nursing school about burns, so I tried to get him to lie down on a quilt since I knew he was in danger of going into shock.
This heartbreaking journey will take Susan Busch and her son, Mike, through hospitals, backyards, schoolrooms, psychiatric wards, a court room, a burn unit, and the corridors of Susan's own heart. But beyond the struggles of adjusting to life with this deletion, there is a tale of humanity, with all its sorrow, love, and hope. This story is not just for the parents of children with 22q.11 Deletion syndrome, but for their friends, neighbors, doctors, nurses, teachers, speech therapists, social workers, police officers, paramedics, firefighters, ministers, and whoever else likes a good story. 

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Monday, March 3, 2014

New titles added to our Little Free Library

Got started on a little early spring cleaning this weekend - a power outage will do that to you - and came across some books I wanted to share.

Among the titles now calling the Little Free Library Mentor Public Library was kind enough to drop off  at The News-Herald are:

Lisa Klein's "Lady MacBeth's Daughter"
Louis Sachar's "The Cardturner" and
Sheldon Rusch's "The Boy With Perfect Hands"

Next time you're in the neighborhood stop by and pick up something new to read.

And now that I've made some room on my shelf ...