Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Cleveland State graduate publishes novel on healing from sexual abuse

Twenty-three-year-old Heather Morris has recently published a novel, according to a news release from April 1. Below, details from that news release:

MAYFIELD HEIGHTS, Ohio — This week marks the nationwide release of “Niteo,” author Heather Morris’ new novel, where she explores the healing of people who suffered from sexual abuse.
The story introduces readers to Cassie Flynn, who never wanted anything more than to be normal. Following a childhood of sexual abuse at the hands of her deranged stepfather and a six-day criminal trial to put him behind bars, she believes her chance to embrace normalcy has finally come. Following that trial, however, she is brought to the meetinghouse of a society named Niteo. Members of this society possess supernatural Spiritual gifts which they use to help victims of abuse, like Cassie, come to faith in Christ, and find the justice they deserve. Cassie soon finds out that this society was helping her through her trial and now, Cassie must choose between accepting a position of leadership in Niteo and turning her back on this extraordinary life to chase after the normal life she has always craved.
Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the book is available through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at, or by or
Morris is 23 years old and recently graduated from Cleveland State University with her BA in creative writing. She is currently pursuing her MFA. She is an active member of Journey Community Church and hopes to one day open a network of safe houses to offer support to other girls who have been through traumatic pasts.



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