Friday, May 29, 2009

Caution: Student Blogger

Tricia and I are busy today. Instead, we present the inaugeral blog of our intern, Mentor High School Senior Taylor Pool.

I am sitting at my desk, reminiscing on my last four months of high school.

I spent most of it stressed over a 15-page research paper. By “research paper” I mean the jumble of research, quotes, thoughts and B.S. that I waited until the last minute to finish. It is now in the hands of my teacher who has the power to decide whether or not I graduate.

But, instead of worrying about my grade and/or future, I might as well blog about the book that has consumed so much of my time. Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackeray is set in England during the 1800s when everyone struggled for money, status and power. Thackeray’s satirical novel was originally written in short installments, so that back when people actually had time on their hands, they could read the story and catch the author’s subtle humor and irony that he used to make fun of people and society.

I chose that novel partly because it looked interesting and partly because of the author’s awesome middle name. Then I started reading the book which was OK to begin with; but, once I reached the 100th page and felt some sort of accomplishment, I discovered that I still had 710 more pages to go. Great. Someone please stop me next time I choose a novel that has enough pages to wallpaper every home in the city of Cleveland.

Somehow I actually managed to finish the book and eventually came up with my own thesis, “The religious allegory, Vanity Fair, condemns materialism and ordains spiritualism.” Fifteen pages plus a bibliography. I did learn one thing. Don’t choose a book based on a middle name.

-Taylor Pool

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