Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Author joins list of favorites

I gave Stewart O'Nan another try over the weekend.

I had some issues with "Songs for the Missing." All mine, not his.

So I picked up "The Good Wife," admittedly because I am a big fan of the TV series by that name.

He's now on my list of favored authors.

From the opening line, O'Nan has the reader hooked on the story of Patty Dickerson.

His description of the moments before this pregnant woman receives the phone call that will change her life is phenomenal. The idea that if she had just left the phone off the hook perhaps things would have been different ... who hasn't played that game in their mind? "If only I had done X, Y would not have happened."

But the phone does ring. And so begins the saga of her husband's 28-year incarceration. And the 28 years she struggles to raise their son and remain a good wife.

So much wasted time.

Even while I wanted to shaker her silly, I felt I understood why she waited. That's an author developing a character well.

- Tricia Ambrose

P.S. Last night, the Friends of the Library in Euclid kicked off its summer concert in the gardens series. I'm sorry we couldn't stay longer to listen to the Rockfile Band. The folks gathered on the lawn certainly seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Every Tuesday in July a different style of music will be featured. Next week, it's the Erie Heights Brass Ensemble, followed by J Blues on July 20 and the Swinging Bavarian Band on the 27th.

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