Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Maple Heights author signing books

Maple Heights resident Douglas M. Graf will be signing copies of his book "Bible Principles for Christian Dating" next weekend at Zion Lutheran Church Fellowship Hall in Maple Heights. More details from a news release:
WHEN: 2014-02-15TIME: 3:00-6:00pmWHERE: Zion Lutheran Church Fellowship Hall, 5780 Dunham Road, Maple Heights, OH
WHAT: Graf, a resident of Maple Heights, OH, will be available to sign copies of his book, Bible Principles for Christian Dating.While many Christian dating books focus on the relationship of Boaz and Ruth, Bible Principles for Christian Dating focuses on the union of Adam and Eve. As you may know, Eve was formed from a rib of Adam. When Adam awoke, he did not have to look too far to find his rib. Every man should be seeking his rib, and every woman should be seeking the body from which she came. This book explores and reveals the biblical principles applicable in Christian dating and marriage.
Bible Principles for Christian Dating casts a luminous light on various relationship topics in addition to framing a safe and accessible approach to Christian dating for teens, adults, and college students.

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